Reference: Fespa (08/05/2018). [Blog Post]. Retrieved from [Accessed 9 May 2018].


Bullmer GmbH is an international high-quality cutting machine supplier and manufacturer of cutting and finishing machines as well as roll handling solutions that are used across numerous industries including the graphics, upholstery, furnishing industries.

Bullmer will be showcasing 3 of their latest cutting machines with integrated feeding, scanning and roll handling solutions. The Premiumcut machines have a diverse range of tools for cutting textiles, corrugated materials, packaging and routing.

All of Bullmer’s cutting machines that will be exhibited at FESPA will be equipped with Scanner Tech solution that automatically scans and identifies all of the graphics during the advance of the cutting belt and feeding of the material.


Bullmers EasyCut will be launched at FESPA 2018, the single-ply cutter is robust, space saving and delivers with its price to performance ratio. The cutter is equipped with linear drives and is quick, accurate and reliable. The EasyCut will be featured along with the Scanner Tech Scanning Beam and the AWV Unwinding Cradle as an adaptable solution for furnishings, sportswear, upholstery and additional applications.

Industry l4.0 and Robotics

Bullmer will be introducing their latest Integration Platform l4.0 which visualises the live performance data of the Bullmer cutter during operation. All existing and current performance data can be accessed at any time and at any location. Various authorisation levels guarantee that different departments are continuously provided with the data that is relevant to them.

In combination with Bullmer’s Integration Platform I4.0, Bullmer can provide integration with robotics loading and unloading solutions.