Dumor Lightning Fold Creaser Folder



Dumor Flexifold 8335B + 33KF

Paper Thickness: 100gsm-350gsm/01.mm-0.4mm
Min Paper Sizes:90*50 mm(Hand feed and crease only) or 140*140(Auto Feed)(L*W)
Max Paper Sizes:560*370 mm (L*W)
Paper type:Non coated paper,coated paper,laminated paper
Min gap between creases: 0.1mm
Crease in one pass:0-16 / sheet
Fold type: 7 types Half/Zigzag/Letter/Gate/Offset/Double half/Gate with one crease
Speed: 70pcs/Min(A4/1 crease half fold)
Number of program memories: 48
Output capacity : 30mm
Display & operation :Touch screen