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Functional printing is an intriguing opportunity for digital printing. Having made significant inroads already in the field of industrial printing, adding functionality to print is a natural next step for inkjet printers.

The SGIA has long championed digital printing technologies and has been active in printed electronics. SGIA’s newest conference, FP3: Functional Printing, Process and Products, combines the two disciplines, and shows the potential for functional printing.

The conference will be held June 4-6, 2018 at the Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca, IL.

“FP3: Functional Printing, Process and Products conference stems from SGIA’s long history with the industrial printing and printed electronics community,” Joyia Marshall, SGIA’s community development manager, noted. “These markets are changing rapidly, opening up to a wider array of printers as digital technologies have advanced. Recognizing this crossover, SGIA’s Industrial Applications and Printed Electronics Committee created FP3 to provide understanding to help C-suite executives, stakeholders and thought leaders navigate new markets and facilitate the collaboration and cooperation that are key to innovation in this functional printing.”

Marshall reported that the market for functional printing is growing and changing rapidly, thanks to the influence of digital printing technologies that are opening it up to a wider array of printers.

“Research shows nearly 20% of printers across all segments have considered or researched entering the industrial arena, and half of package printers are looking at mergers or acquisitions in the industrial segment within the next five years,” she added. “That doesn’t mean digital and analog technologies are competing, however. Instead it’s more about new markets and unique applications opening up.”

Marshall said that the focus of FP3 is on innovation, and the speakers will offer their insights into the creative process.

“FP3 is focused on innovation and how we achieve it, from the ways we approach problem-solving to the corporate culture,” Marshall added. “We’re opening with Google UX design lead David Hogue, Ph.D., talking about user experience. We’ll hear from Mark Hanley of I.T. Strategies with an industry update, and our closing speaker, Shawn Kent Hayashi will speak on preparing your workforce for a future of innovation.”

Being able to see a plant is action will provide attendees with working knowledge of functional printing.

“Possibly the most anticipated conference event is the tour of The M&R Companies plant in Roselle, IL,” Marshall said. “Attendees will get to see M&R’s entire manufacturing process in action, from start to finish. It will be an excellent opportunity for knowledge and networking.”

FP3 opens its doors on Monday, June 4, with a welcome reception and exhibition from 6-8 p.m. The conference then begins on the morning of June 5, with talks by Dave Hogue of Google, Leon Resnick and Terrance Resnick of Resnick Associates, Mark Hanley of IT Strategies, Erika Rebrosova of Sun Chemical, and Michael Wagner of ButlerTechnologies Inc. and Michael Burrows of Dupont, who will discuss the Ralph Lauren US Winter Olympics jacket collaboration, which featured conductive inks used for printed heaters.