Spare Parts & Consumables

Trisave supplies spare parts from stock for the following machines :


• Agrafix & Brehmer Stitcher Spares

• Brehmer Booksewing Machines, Folding Machines & Section Collactors

• Eltex Electrostatic Equipment

• GUK Folding Machines (all types)

• Hamada Machines (all types)

• Heidelberg Machines (GTO / KORD / MO)

• HHS Gluing Equipment

• Hohner Stitchers (all types) & Stitching Heads

• Miruna Stitching Machines

• New Kompac Automatic Dampening Systems for GTO / MO

• Perfecta Guillotine Spares & PC Boards for the “UC Type”


In addition, we stock a wide range of consumables such as :


• Cutting sticks for most model guillotines operating in South Africa

• Cold Glue ( Eukalin 6271 VL)

• Hot Melt Glue for Perfect Binding Machines

• Paper drills with straight shank of 11mm O.D – various sizes available ranging from 2mm to 10mm

• Sheet Separators for Hamada machines

• Quoins & Quoins Keys

• Belts for Heidelberg, Hamada, Swift Gluing Machines

• Special Bearings for Heidelberg Inking & dampening rollers

• Guillotine Blades

• Down and cross perforating strips for Hamada Machines

• Perforating wheels for Rollem Machines & GUK Machines

• Steel Jackets (for printing and for diecutting & creasing)

• Numbering barrels (Atlantic Zeiser & Leibinger) new & 2nd hand (straight & convex) plus spares such as skip wheels etc.

• Wash-up blades for various types of machines


Various sizes of stitching wire :


  • No.24 Stitching Wire (Round) 0.60mm 2kg / 3.5kg
  • No.25 Stitching Wire (Round) 0.55mm 3.5kg / 15kg / 20kg / 90kg
  • No.V Stitching Wire (Flat) 0.90mm 3.5kg
  • No.VI Stitching Wire (Flat) 0.96mm 2kg
  • No.V Crucible Wire (Hard) 0.90mm 2kg
  • No.VI Crucible Wire (Hard) 0.96mm 2kg
  • Ribbon Wire 2.5mm x 0.50mm 10kg (Copper / Galvinised)
  • Ribbon Wire 2mm x 0.75mm 2.5kg (Copper)


• A wide variety of suckers to suit most machines operating in South Africa

• Lube oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil, vacuum pump oil, special spindle oil (5L containers)

• Sewing needles for Brehmer Book Sewing Machines

• Sewing thread for various types of sewing (eg. Sewing cotton No.50)